Catching Up on I Hate/LOVE Fairyland #15


I Hate Fairyland #15Gertrude, oh Gertrude. How I’ve missed your maniacal smile, endlesss bloodshed, and flippant remarks! Fairyland, I throw myself upon your candy colored land happily but well away from Gertrude’s killing path!

It has been so long since I visited Fairyland and wowzers. Things did not slow down one bit!

Gertrude has been stuck in Fairyland for at least 30 years, trying to find the key to take her home. It got to the point where the curly, green haired girl (who is really 30 something years old) just had enough of it all. Instead of asking nicely or responding to riddles, she would riddle your body instead with stab wounds. Every time she gets a little bit closer to the key, something just happens and she gets further behind.

Between I Hate Fairyland #8 and the current issue of I Hate Love Fairyland #15,  there has been no end to the growing pile of bodies. It is pretty safe to say that the Fairyland denizens pretty much hate her guts. You would think that they themselves would just hand her the key so they could stop living in fear. Alas, they cannot, for they are bound by the same rules that prevent them from killing anyone who is on the path to finding the key.  So that temptation to kill must have felt so nice when she accidentally became the ruler of Fairyland.

Looking beyond the destruction that Gertrude created, we come to I Hate Love Fairyland #15  where…no way….no MUFFIN’ HUGGIN’ WAY. She is good. She is a good character. Thanks to solving the awkward maze full of marriage proposing fiends, the even more awkwardly endowed Loveth Lovelord (oh yes, it is most definitely a Labyrinth reference!) in I Hate Fairyland #14 granted Gertrude the Balls of Redemption (snort)! Gertrude has transformed into Good Gert.

Wide-anime eyed Gert is able to complete quests and riddles at a much faster speed than before, although I would attribute that to the Fairyland citizens’ being so shocked that they’re just handing the solutions over to her. This rapid pace that Gertrude is setting has caught the eye of someone in the shadows and they are not happy about it.

I Hate Love Fairyland #15  brought a whole new perspective of hilarious horror with Good Gert. After seeing her seamlessly rip pastel colored creatures into pieces, seeing a skipping Gert is as amusing and weird. It’s like seeing your horror icon, Freddy Krueger, knitting. As much joy as it was to see this other side of Gert, there was an immediate pang of sadness as it began to dawn that this might be the last of what I see of I Hate Fairyland.

Nope. That ending was a big, brain gut splattering nope and evil laughs, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Skottie Young continues to bring his warped and cute sense of style and story with Fairyland. There has been an anime reference and now a Labyrinth reference. Shall I hope to see more fantasy references popping up? If there is a Neverending Story reference, I will lose my mind!

For those who have stuck with the series since the first issue, if your humor is as demented as mine, then you must have snorted and laughed hard with the end of I Hate Love Fairyland #15. How could I ever even think that Fairyland would let go  of Gertrude? She is as deeply part of that world as the denizens are.  The series continues to delight with the silly and colorful violence and curse words. It is a series meant to entertain and a visual aid for mental catharsis after a long day. I would most definitely argue that I Hate Fairyland is a great way of coping with every day life. By just escaping reality to a candy landscape and trails of carnage thanks to good ‘ol  Gertrude.

I Hate Love Fairyland #15 is out now at your comic book retailer. Check it out and catch up on all the pastel and gore!

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