Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869


 We bring you another mother/daughter dual review for Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869. It is a story translated from French and released by First Second, an imprint of Macmillian books. It is the first of two (as far as I know), and it is interesting.

There is a definite steampunk feel which I enjoyed and also a good bit of history, which I also enjoyed. The illustrations were lovely.

and really helped to push forward the emotions.

And this story definitely has emotions. It starts with the loss of a parent, which pushes the main character, a boy named Seraphin, into his adventure. His adventure brings him to new heights (literally and figuratively) and has him mixing with royalty and spies as well as making new friends. I feel like, as long as it’s not trigonometry, Seraphin will be happy.  I found the story to be fun and exciting, but it was also a tad dense, especially for a graphic novel, which might explain why my 9 year huffed and sighed the entire time she was reading it.


It was okay, but in my opinion it was boring. maybe because I’ve never read a story like this? There were also some things I didn’t understand, like the beginning. Also, I like comics but this just wasn’t my style, I guess. The art was good, kinda a steampunky feel going on.

Juliette, age 9

So I would give it probably 3.5 starts, but I think she might give it a 2 or 2.5. I did like how we both really liked the art, and appreciated the steampunk style it had.  I am definitely interested in reading the sequel, based on the last image in this book. I believe it might be more exciting, and I will try to convince my daughter to read it with me too. (I might have to bribe her with candy)



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