Kill Shakespeare – Past is Prologue: Juliet


 Kill Shakespeare – Past is Prologue: Juliet is ending. This is the last issue and I am suitably saddened by this. I had no prior knowledge of these comics before, but now I’m a fan. A solid, real fan who wants to see what else they might come up with. The mix of Shakespeare’s most well known and beloved characters has been really fun to be immersed in.

This final issue sees Juliet at her lowest: imprisoned by the man who murdered her mother and threatened with torture if she does not acquiesce and marry him.  But Juliet isn’t a weak creature. No, she fights and she schemes and she does everything she can, that is until the fight leaves her. It broke my heart to see her follow what should be her path, suicide, but was glad that she was not allowed to finish. As a character, she deserves so much more than that, and she got it. This issue also sees Othello come back as the hero. His past is known, but he is able to overcome it and be the friend that Juliet thought and hoped he could be. I really liked the ending and how it gave them almost a happily ever after. Maybe not a romantic one, but a friendship that will last the ages.

As a huge fan of Shakespeare’s original work, this mash-up might have not gone over well with me if it hadn’t been so well done. I have to give mad props to the writers who obviously did their homework and got the characterizations so close to what I know and remember.  And now that this is done, I’ll be going back to find the original series to read them. Hopefully they live up to this series I loved so much.


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