Fathom Volume 6: Issue 5


Aspen Matthews is facing a dilemma. She is trapped on a yacht with an egomaniac who is serving the Typhos: a genetically engineered race of Super Blue who respond to the command of Cannon. Cannon, once a protector of humanity AND the Blue, has lost his sense of morality and decided it is time for the world to succumb to his rule. The rule of a TRUE Blue King. Naturally, Aspen wants NOTHING to do with this doomsday scenario but, once again, she finds herself ensnared by the power hungry dreams of others.

As the last of the royal lineage for her people, Aspen is looked to as a symbol of hope and power. While she often seeks to save the ocean and all those who rely on it she is frequently faced with dangerous situations. Situations like the one Cannon Hawke has placed Aspen into during this issue.

Fortunately, Aspen always has a backup plan. She sent a coded message out to her dear boyfriend Chance and, as fate would have it, Chance’s affinity for Yootoob lead him directly to her call. It is pretty awesome when your boyfriend is a fighter pilot and can use missiles to subdue your enemies. It’s equally beneficial when he knows how to contact the remaining Blue legionnaires to assist with combat. Cannon was not anticipating this attack but despite the predicament he now faces…his confidence ceases to swell.

What will the Blue do with Cannon now that he is in their custody? Where IS the Typhos army? What are the Typhos planning? Also…who gets the llama?

Fathom is a delectably beautiful series. With “mermaids” and “magic” it entices its readers with each issue released. Published by Aspen Comics, Fathom has long been a favorite of mine. Even after the death of its creator (Michael Turner) the series is still going strong. Whatever the future holds for this comic we at FGN are looking forward to it!

Fathom is available in stores and online at: http://aspencomics.com/.


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