Lola XOXO Volume 2 – Issue 1


Lola survived the nuclear apocalypse. The world is much unlike what she is used to and Volume One of this series awoke the violence that followed nuclear devastation. Despite the calamity surrounding her, Lola found ways to survive. She made friends, she made enemies and she took risks that led to her freedom and the escape of fellow trapped denizens of the apocalypse. Welcome to Radioactive Earth. Population…unknown. Government…questionable. Survival rate…minimal. If you have a quick trigger finger and an iron stomach then you’ll fit right in.

Lola XOXO Volume 2 is published by Aspen Comics and written by Siya Oum. Focusing on the wasteland that follows the wake of nuclear destruction, this comic considers all things humanity would face post-apocalypse. The heroine, Lola, is common girl who only wants to find her family. Tragedy and death follow her like a wolf pack stalk their prey. She is never safe but this has not broken her resolve. Lola wants to imagine a better world, a happier place. She wants to believe that cities and communities have survived in the radioactive wasteland she now calls home. By chance, she and her group of companions arrive in the city of Artemis. It is here where Lola discovers a glimmer of hope for a pleasant future.

Unfortunately, the dogs of hell are always on the prowl and Lola’s peace is quickly interrupted by savage gun fire.

Amidst the brutality a voice calls for help. Much to Lola’s surprise a young boy runs to her. He is seeking a savior but she’s not so sure that his choice of protector’s was wise. Suddenly, the fighting ceases as the crowd of agitated fighters realizes that villains beyond compare have entered the fray.

Can Lola protect Isaac from his pursuers? Will Edgar ever receive the karmic justice he is due? Are the carnies safe in Artemis or is this voracious world pitted against them? As a first time reader of this comic I am pleasantly surprised by the ease in which I was able to grasp the gravity of the situations that these characters face. The artistry is marvelous and Aspen proves, once again, that they are the masters at capturing an audience. I look forward to future issues of this comic…even though it means my reading list is all the longer. For the greater good of Fan Girls everywhere I shall persevere!

Lola is available in stores and online at Aspen Comics.


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