Men Start Disappearing in “Miss Julia Paints the Town”


Miss Julia Paints the Town“Life continues to hold excitement in Abbotsville, NC in Miss Julia Paints the Town by Ann B. Ross. First, her friend’s husband disappears with a lot of money that people have invested through him. As her friend mourns the loss of her husband, having given him up for loss, another man in the town disappears and then another. This keeps Sam, Miss Julia’s retired lawyer husband, busy trying to represent the wives and find practicing lawyers for them to help the women out.

But more drama arises when Miss Julia learns that a developer has come to town to tear down the old courthouse and erect a series of condos in its place. Enlisting the assistance of Edna Mae Wiggins, who went on Miss Julia’s last adventure to Florida in search of her stolen jewelry, Miss Julia determines to show Abbotsville at its weakest to Arthur Kessler, the developer, to try to discourage him from destroying this courthouse. They introduce him to crazy old geezers, the pastor of a church not accepted by any denomination for name-it, claim-it theology. But they upset to learn that the council has met in secret the previous night and given Kessler official permission to start the demolition. Miss Julia determines that at the very least, ahe must save the statue of Lady Justice on the courtroom roof, which Kessler laughingly promised her “if it survives” the destruction. So Miss Julia sets out, if she can’t save the whole courthouse, to save Lady Justice.

This book has a lot of fun details related to Miss Julia’s effort to save the courthouse and then the statue. Watching them introduce Kessler to unsavory people made me laugh. Though I was “only reading” the story, I really felt that I was living it and thus having a lot of fun.

I listen to my audiobooks to gain a degree of release from my severe, nonstop migraine while I lie in bed tring to cope with the pain. Today my head was especially bad (I’m actually writing this review with only one eye open), and this book was an excellent choice for me to use to try to distract me from the agony I experienced as a result of my disease. The light humor and interesting story of this book served to keep my mind focused on the enjoyment I got from listening to this book while keeping my mind turned away, at least to some extent, from my agony. This is why I like to call my audiobooks the best medicine I have in my migraine arsenal!

I appreciate the performance of Claudia Hughes in the audiobook. She makes the story enjoyable in the job she does in bringing the book to life. This is the first book I’ve listened to with her narration, and while I really loved the performance of Cynthia Darlow, I enjoyed Claudia Hughes as a performer too.

Miss Julia Paints the Town contains a really delightful story, really light and fast-paced with lots of fun details about the crazy, wacky life of Miss Julia. I was able to doze off with my migraine but be able to keep up with the plot upon becoming alert again. It was just the right book for a bag migraine day I give the book five stars!

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