An Encounter with the Russian Mob in “Two O’Clock Heist”


Two O'Clock HeistIn Two O’Clock Heist by Joanne Pence, homicide inspector Rebecca Mayfield is disturbed to learn that a woman who attended the police academy with her but left the police force three years earlier has been murdered. She learns about this when her friend Richie Amalfi, rumored to be “connected,” panics upon hearing of the murder of a woman cop and seeks her out, bringing him back into her life. He takes Rebecca to the houseboat in nearby Sausalito, where she is disturbed to learn that the detective there has very little experience and seems to be slipshod in her methods. Thus, Rebecca decides to find the killer herself. What she does not realize is that this will immerse her in dealing with the Russian mob.

When the mob rigs her car to catch fire and destroys her apartment, Rebecca has to move out of her place and goes to stay with Richie for safety’s sake. He assists her in another investigation, while the pair fight their growing attraction to each other, each feeling that the other is not a suitable person to be dating.

This book keeps moving quickly, with a highly interesting mystery plot and compelling romance line as well. I really enjoyed the details of this book, finding it as strong as the first book in the series, One O’Clock Hustle. Given the unique plot line of that book, I questioned whether Pence would be able to match it in a sequel, but I was happy to find that this book beat my expectations.

As before, I liked Kristi Burns’s performance in the audio version of this book. She sounds very believable as a cop and makes decent voices. Also, she does a good job of reading the romance plot.

I had a good time listening to Two O’Clock Heist. I liked the way the book explores the development of the characters between the first book and this. Further, I enjoyed the mystery plot. I give this book five stars!

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