The Bloody Best of Lenore


 So I was previously not acquainted with Lenore, but now that I am, I’m a little bit in love with the psychotic little zombie.  The Bloody Best of Lenore is 178 pages of dark humor, gross bodily function humor, and not so thinly veiled sexual humor. It’s pretty freaking cool, if I’m being honest.

This book was put together to celebrate 25 years of Lenore and her macabre world that was envisioned and written by Roman Dirge. There are a good deal of short comics as well as a few longer stories in this collection that also houses a cover gallery and some never before seen artwork. So if you are like me and had never heard of the little dead girl, then this is a great place to start.

 Of all the stories in this collection, one of my favorites was the history of Lenore. Her embalming at the hands of a bumbling mortician who later comes back to find her is brilliantly done.  I love how Lenore ignores him, despite the fact that he is quite monstrous. (Though I guess considering she has been to hell maybe he’s not the most monstrous thing she’s ever met) Though this is my favorite, I also really enjoyed the nursery rhymes and how they get skewered towards a darker tone.

I also really enjoyed the style of art that fills these pages. The dark colors and the shading choices really make the stories pop. As do the backgrounds Lenore finds herself in. I’m pretty partial to gardens. Well, and her house too. I mean it is filled with some pretty cool things (and by things, I of course mean creatures).

The Bloody Best of Lenore comes out today from Titan Comics.


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