Cosplay Feature Friday: Merriweather Rose Costumes


It’s BACK! We’re returning to featuring NEW cosplayers every Friday until we just run out of folks to share with you. Today’s costumer comes from the UK! Please welcome Merriweather Rose Costumes!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Merriweather Rose Costumes! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your cosplay…

I have been cosplaying for over six years now, but it feels like its been a lot longer. My favourite costume to date had to be Belle. I’m so proud of the amount of work that I put into this costume and the amazing reaction i’ve had from friends, family and other cosplayers in the community.

It’s nice to hear you have wonderful memories with cosplay. Why don’t you tell us about one of your favorite convention experiences?

My best convention experience happened at a local convention, myself and my partner had gone along with a few friends hoping to spend a few hours there and relax. We hadn’t been expecting to have a partically memorable experience. At the convention I met a lot of children who recognized my Snow White cosplay and wanted photographs and hugs. It was a wonderful experience to have, they really did believe that I was a princess! However there is one young girl that particually stands out, as she was very sweet and I spent at least ten minutes sat on the floor playing with her. She was completely convinced that I was actually Snow White!

It’s always amazing when you can inspire others. Now onto a hard question: what was your toughest cosplay/costume to make?

My hardest experience with my costumes so far had been learning how to make a properly fitting corset. I had never made any kind of corset with boning until I made one for Rose Quartz.

The first thing I had to do was research! I read a lot of online tutorials on making corset, and rented a couple of books from the libary. After researching the outfit I ended up redesigning the costume from a dress to a top and skirt style in order to make it fit perfectly. I also decided on using plastic boning rather than Metal after taking the time to investigate the cost and the reviews on both. The amount of researched helped me to feel a lot more confident when I finally began to make the costume, and I am pleased with the result! I even won my first Cosplay Award for this costume.

YAY! Congratulations on the award! Before we wrap this discussion up, what advice would you like to offer other cosplayers?

My advice would be to cosplay what you love. And to always enjoy yourself. Cosplay should never be about becoming famous or popular, its about expressing yourself and having fun. On a more practical note I would also recommend investing in comfortable shoes for each of your costumes, there is nothing worse than painful feet after a day in cosplay.

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