‘New Fears’ is a Horror Collection Worthy of the Season


While themed horror collections are quite popular lately, sometimes it’s nice to settle in with one where you don’t know where the next story will go.New Horrors, edited by Mark Horris, is the type of collection worthy of the Halloween season, but is readable any time of the year. Typically, I will start one of these collections and skip around, provided one or two of the stories don’t quite catch my attention. In this book, all but one story had me riveted.

Whether it’s a story about a haunted dollhouse acting out the murders of it’s plaything inhabitants, or a family car that stalks family members until they go off on a journey no one can come back from, the stories in New Fears are brilliantly written and well thought out. One of two did have me with the blankets tucked up to my chest longer into the night than I’d like to admit.

If short horror is your thing, New Horrors most definitely needs to make it’s way into your hands right away.

New Horrors is now available from Titan Books.


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