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The Sweet Taste of MurderIn The Sweet Taste of Murder by CeeCee James, Elise returns to her hometown in Tennessee after a nasty divorce and is not accepted by most in her town for having left them to marry a high powered lawyer. Taking a job as a dog walker while trying to get back on her feet, Elise is jogging in the park with her three charges when the train nearby crashes into a car on the track, with the driver killed. But Elise’s real shock comes when she learns that a suicide note was found stating that he is leaving his entire estate to Elise’s best friend Lavina, his daughter. No one knew about this connection, least of all Elise, but she learns that Lavina learned of this relationship a few months earlier.

But it doesn’t take long before the police discover that Cameron McMahon was poisoned before being pushed onto the tracks. It turns out that there are several potential suspects, since Cameron was a philandering man-about-town. But Lavina is a prime suspect, since Cameron was worth millions of dollars. He also was known to have gotten his secretary, Sylvia, pregnant, and she has been kicked out of her house by her husband, Frank, who can’t have children of his own, the proof that Sylvia cheated on him. The police detective, Brad, a formerly scrawny friend from high school, now a highly muscular and gorgeous former soldier-turned-cop, seems interested in Elise and includes her in his investigations. Can Elise get to the bottom of the crime before Lavina gets arrested?

This book was enjoyable to listen to. I had a good time with the story, which had more depth than many of the books I’ve listened to lately. The characters have a degree of depth, but I really would have liked to get to know them better. The community of Angel Lake, Tennessee has some flavor, but it seems that we could have learned more about the town.

I did like the narration of Jennifer Groberg, who does good voices for the characters and depictions of the book. I don’t know what a Tennessee accent sounds like, so I can’t determine if she does them accurately. But it does seem strange that Elise has a less regional accent than Lavina despite their growing up together.

The Sweet Taste of Murder was a fun listening experience. I had a good time with this book though I did wish for more details as named above. In addition, I don’t see much of a connection between the title and the plot. I give it four stars.

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