Sisters of the Crescent Empress (#2 in The Waning Moon Duology series)



      Written by Finnish writer Leena Likitalo, “The Sisters of the Crescent Moon” is the second book in the Waning Moon Duology series. A fantasy tale inspired by the lives of the Romanov sisters, the series features the Five Daughters of the Moon, who are captured while on the run from their family’s greatest enemy – the gargargi. Their story begins on a train, told from the view of Alina, the youngest. Most authors use the first chapter of a sequel to provide exposition of past events, but in this tale, the reader must glean what they can as the story unfolds. This can be frustrating as the sisters often reference past events and characters one wouldn’t know unless they’d read the first book. Each chapter allows a different sister to tell their tale, revealing plans for the present and their fears for the future.

.      The story unfolds slowly…often too slowly. It takes several chapters before the full history and extent of the sisters’ woes are fully explained. Each chapter develops the overarching plot of the sisters’ capture, but we’re also subject to their petty complaints as they adjust to their fall from riches to rags. The reader may find themselves eye-rolling instead of sympathizing. Unfortunately, the elder sisters read more like the Kardashians than the Romanovs. They are damsels in a larger game being played by cruel, boring men. Betrayal, romance, and ghosts decorate the story, but the exasperating nature of the elder sisters make it hard to care about them. There are some creative plot twists, however, especially at the end. The reader may find themselves fascinated enough to stay tuned. This three-star novel does better as an airport read, especially if gradual royal intrigue is your thing.

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