Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1


 Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil is the first of a new series by Jeff Lemire and Dark Horse Comics. It is part of The Black Hammer world and I’ll be completely honest, that was not a selling point for me. I just saw two of my favorite literary characters in a mash up and I got all grabby hands about it.

I’m a few days late as the comic actually came out on October 18th, but I was so adamant about reviewing it I waited and waited to get my chance. I was not disappointed.

Since this is the first issue, we don’t actually meet Sherlock Frankenstein but instead we meet Lucy, daughter of the lost Black Hammer.  It is through her that we learn much of Frankenstein’s past and how he will be a part of her finding her father.  Ten years prior her father fought the Anti-God and he along with all his super hero buddies went missing. They are presumed dead, but Lucy doesn’t believe it. Her determination and sheer stubbornness in believing her father alive leads her to the super villains her father once fought, in an effort to find Frankenstein, who is considered the smartest man alive. Lucy is sure that if anyone can find her father, the greatest super villain ever, can.

As a set up for a exciting adventure yet to happen, this first issue gives you everything you can want. It gives enough backstory to get you invested and introduces characters that you will likely become attached to, only to lose them.  My favorite thing about this as a beginning to this story is that the style is almost neo noir, but with a huge heart. And just enough fantastical tidbits to keep my inner (not so hidden) nerd happy.


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