Army of Darkness and Xena: Forever and a Day Volume 1


 A while back I started with this comic but then life got in the way and it slipped to the bottom of my pile, so boy was I glad when this volume 1 came out. I originally made it to the third issue, but here is 1-6 in a hilarious, easy to catch up, volume 1.

So here we are with Army of Darkness and Xena: Forever and a Day Volume 1. And I am so glad I finally got to finish it because it went somewhere I was so not expecting. I mean, Steve? Really?

So the gist of this whole story arc is that Xena is fighting an army of deadites and she needs Ash to come and help. But here’s the rub, Ash keeps ending up in the wrong time. And it isn’t until he’s done this three or four times that it is explained to him by an old timey time guardian that he should be looking for clues as to why he’s showing up out of time.  So once he starts to look for the clues, he starts to understand what is going on.

But, I mean, not even he expected Steve.

The story plays out with humor and with enough of Xena’s backstory to keep it interesting until the very end where you are left with a huh? moment, a la Steve! It was really fun to see Xena not only as a pirate, but also as a an explorer fighting Nazi zombies.  But nothing quite beats the Garden of Eden told by Steve, the man who was there before Adam and Eve.  It turns out that the whole reason that Xena needed Ash was to fight the army of deadites that Steve was amassing, and sadly for Steve, Ash gets Xena to him before he is able to finish amassing that army, so it’s really anti-climatic. No major war, just Ash, Xena and Gabrielle killing the deadites and ruining all of Steve’s plans.

You almost kinda feel for Steve, if Eve hadn’t made him fall in love with her and then fed Adam that apple dooming all three of them, he might not have felt the need to find the necronomicon and started his vengeful bid of ruling the earth. So you know Steve, stay away from the girls who’s name rhymes with yours. They’re evil.

This comic was everything you want from Ash, and Xena too, really. It was fun and snarky and violent. A perfect arc. Can’t wait to see what the folks at Dynamite come up with next.


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