Power of the Dark Crystal 8 (as well as 6 and 7)


 As usual I’m playing catch up. So Power of the Dark Crystal #6 is where I’m starting. And this is the happiest of the three because Kensho and Thurma are reunited! Not only that, but Kensho is reunited with his mom as well. And that is a short, but much needed boost of glad tidings for our two main characters. Because it is about to get worse. Much worse.

 In Power of the Dark Crystal #7 we learn more about the backstory of Thurma’s world and how it might have come to be. There is some alluding to who might have been a bridge between the two worlds in the past.  We also get a bit of insight into just how badly the gelfling world has been destroyed by those that Jen and Kira left in charge while they slept.  Many of the populations are starving and forced out of their homes and they do no blame Thurma and the fire she caused, they blame the keepers of the crystal. This leaves Jen wondering just how badly he has strayed from the path of the light, and it sets up the revelations in #8.

 And now we are up to date with this, The Power of the Dark Crystal #8. So I teared up at the end of this issue and here is why. We’re only 4 issues away from the conclusion and we are at the moment when all may be lost. Jen has finally realized that Thurma is not a villain, and that perhaps he may be at fault for how lost his world has become.

In this issue we also find out that Thurma has lied to Kensho and she is not able to bring him to her home at all, meaning they will not be able to be together. (cue tears) Also by this time, back at the castle, the Crystalline Eminence (see: the true bad guy) has gone off his rocker and been seduced by the dark crystal even more than before. So much so that he released the Skeksis and now Kira and Aughra are under attack.

I’m at the point where I’m trying to mentally hurry up the writers and Archaia so that I can just read the conclusion already. I need to to know what happens. Hopefully I won’t fall behind again, I really love this series and love being able to share it with y’all.


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