High Moon: Where Beast Meets West


     HIGH MOON’s the name, especially if a werewolf Western’s your game. The first volume of this award-winning webcomic drops on Halloween Day, and with its mashup of Old West and horror genres, the timing couldn’t be better. HIGH MOON premiered on DC’s Zuda Comics imprint ten years ago, lasting three seasons, and earning a Harvey Award for Best Online Series. Written by David Gallaher and illustrated by Steve Ellis, HIGH MOON Vol. 1 gives us two chapters of good ol’ fashioned Western comic adventure. With a horrific twist or two.

    Volume 1 introduces Matthew Macgregor, a gun-slinging man of mystery, shaking up the town of Blest, Texas. He arrives hoping to solve one mystery, and getting mixed up in another. As the story unfolds, so do his secrets, and the secrets of the town. Gruff, grizzled, and mutton-chopped, Macgregor deals out Old Western justice to some very toothsome townsfolk. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Chapter Two features HIGH MOON’s second series, as Macgregor continues to resolve his past and present, although he is not *quite* himself.


    The art – it’s alluring and rich. I had to slow down and absorb the art. The horror, Western, and steampunk genres are well meshed in Steve Ellis’ use of color, print, and style. Every character emotes fiercely and the action sequences are graphic, but not overly gory. I’m not a fan of horror, so being able to actually enjoy the art was a treat. 



    While the storytelling is exciting, it tends to muddle. I found myself going back to reread, thinking I’d missed some background exposition or a segue – I hadn’t. The ending felt slightly rushed as a result. That said, I’d be open to reading Vol. 2 of the series.


The Ugly

Just a sampling of the terrific monsters lurking in HIGH MOON.

    As a Western, HIGH MOON gets four sheriff stars for its proper, six-shooting action. If you’re looking for a scary story to read in the dark this Halloween, pre-order your copy today! HIGH MOON releases on October 31, 2017.

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