Wraith Ladies Who Lunch


Ta-Sanet-Net-Hor is a mummy located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Christabel is a Victorian phantom tied to a piece of mourning jewelry at Necromance in Los Angeles. Each equinox, the two send their spirits forward to do lunch at the local Cheesecake Factory restaurant and discuss the afterlife. On a recent trip, a local spirit joins in. Derren Gray is a recently deceased octogenarian wondering how he is one of the few ghosts around who still has thoughts and the ability to project himself into scenes and people’s minds.   The group quickly discovers that there is one figure they all have in common, across centuries. Could he be the reason they remain while so many other ghosts move on?

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is an absolute treat for someone who left her life in Los Angeles behind. Author Sean Patrick Traver gives readers a brief tour through some of the touristy areas and some locations I know I’m personally homesick for. Ta-Sanet-Net-Hor is a fascinating character, making sure to play on her past in Egypt. Christabel definitely has some personality features that remind me of Elizabeth Siddel during the era of romantic poetry with a few touches of the Pre-Raphelite brotherhood thrown in.

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is a short book and if you read quickly you can finish in one sitting. This is a great book if you’ve got a short period of time, but want a detailed and fun ghost story.

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is now available from Rocket Surgery Books.


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