‘Harley’s Little Black Book’ is Good Fun With Famous DC Heroes


Harley’s Little Black book is a collection of comic adventures with some of DC’s most famous figures. While she’s spent a fair bit of time with Powergirl and Poison Ivy in past comics, Harley branches out to see the worlds of Wonder Woman, the DC Bombshells, Green Lanten, Superman, and even Lobo.

Put together by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, the book is quick on the Harley brand of humor, some of it a bit off color. This is definitely not a comic book to hand off to your twelve year-old who idolizes the character. This is something your sixteen year-old sneaks to read when you’re not looking. The Bombshell Adventures were very interesting, but it was the Lobo portion that really stuck out. It was more like a rock and roll light show from the 1980’s than the rest of the comic.

Harley’s Little Black Book collects the first 6 issues of the spin off series. It is available now from DC.


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