A Wild Journey to Find a Birth Mom in “A Wedding to Die For”


A Wedding to Die ForAbby Rose has become a private investigator to help reunite adopted children with their birth parents and gets involved in a wild case in A Wedding to Die For by Leann Sweeney. Hired by Megan Beadford to locate her birth mother in the hope that Abby can arrange for Megan’s biological mother to attend her upcoming wedding, Abby has proved unsuccessful at her job. When the wedding’s guest book attendant gives birth a month early, Abby steps in, allowing her a chance to meet the family and friends, none of whom have been told Abby’s true connection to Megan. Abby takes her job a guest book attendant seriously, chasing down each and every guest to get their signatures. But one woman evades Abby despite all Abby’s best efforts. At the reception, Megan’s mother, Sylvia, pulls Abby off the job of guest book attendant, assigning her to help keep Megan’s inebriated uncle away from the liquor. But soon the guests all freeze when they hear loud screams coming from Megan. Abby runs into the side room to find Megan cradling her badly bleeding father in her lap after he has been hit on the head with a wedding present vase and killed.

Police Chief Fielder arrives to investigate, and she seems immediately to latch onto Abby as a suspect, particularly since Fielder still holds a flame for Abby’s boyfriend, Jeff, a police sergeant she used to date. Fielder asks Abby to help create a composite sketch of the one woman who avoided signing the book, and upon completing the sketch, Abby recognizes that the woman looks an awful lot like Megan. Could she be Megan’s birth mother? The search for the truth takes Abby on a trip to Jamaica and on the track of a murderer as well as Megan’s mother.

This book was fun to listen to and follow the twists and turns that Abby takes. The trip to Jamaica adds a lot of delightful flavor to the adventure. The plot has interesting details. In addition, the ending comes with creative details.

I came to this book as a big fan of Sweeney’s Cats in Trouble series. While this book clearly has some of the smart mixing together of parts like a jigsaw puzzle, it does not contain as much character development as the author’s other series. Most of the characters in this book lack the sharp details that make Jillian and others in the Cats in Trouble series come fully to life. It takes a while before each of the characters becomes fully fronted defined. The language is also not as clean as the other series, which does fit into the nature of the narrator Abby, but which I’d prefer not to listen to.

Danielle Ferland narrates the audiobook effectively. Her voice is distinct, giving real flavor to the role of Abby and helping to bring the book to life. She really adds to the strength of the listening experience.

I had a good time listening to A Wedding to Die For. This book has a strong storyline that takes a fascinating journey to get to its solution. While I was disappointed not to see the same character development as in the Cats in Trouble series, I still liked the book a lot. I give it four stars.

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