Review- Oh Joy Sex Toy Vol. 4


I started reading the insanely popular webcomic series Oh Joy Sex Toy! years ago. The series was started by Erika Moen and her partner Matt, as well as by many other esteemed guests covering topics about sex, sexuality, kinks and other health topics related to reproductive health and even some mental health topics. Moen is one of the most talented sexual health educators online, so it was an absolute joy to review the 4th volume of her collected comics. Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 4 is a compilation of Moen’s most recent comics and covers topics like the best underwear to wear with a dildo and the best harnesses to boot; other topics include wands, bullet vibrators and even menstrual health.

Most of Moen’s comics are a hit. She’s great about showing people of different body shapes and types and is known for her inclusivity including products designed for trans men and women and all of the other aspects of the gender spectrum. Moen herself is a great advocate for LGBTQ folks and creators and goes out of her way to work with as many as she can and provides advice and a place for discussion in how gender and sex are related.

Her guest writers are often just as open-minded as she is and they help her illustrate points about gender identity and the use of sex and sexuality while transitioning. Other topics include after care and the world of BDSM, along with certain kinks and alternative lifestyles like those of erotic dancers, pole dancers, adult film stars and other adult comic artists like herself.

Moen is a brilliant artist. She manages to draw anatomy so well that even though the images are often very not safe for me to view from my workplace, I still find myself scrolling through her comics while on the bus or casually at the coffee shop. Her work is informative, human and just a plain delight. Her work is hilariously NSFW and absolutely not for children. While this is a great book for the coffee table of an adult who does not care about what others think (like me), it may not be for everyone.

Explore this book if you want to go on a magical journey of sexuality, sexual health and reproductive health. When I found Moen’s comic I was a young person who had just left a repressive Catholic household and college, and Moen’s work couldn’t have been more of a blessing to me. Thus, I may be a little biased in my unabashed support and love of Moen and her latest book. With the holidays approaching, I imagine this book would be perfect for your partner, open-minded friends or even a little self-love gift for yourself.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.



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