Typecast Kickstarter: I need more monsters in my life


Halloween shenanigans has come and passed away. Every day since Halloween has already been a torrential downpour of Christmas music and peppermints with no signs of relief.

I miss the monsters.

Left to right: Our series leads – Mac Beauvais (Strange Like That), Ben Paddon and Chris Dorman

In my perusal of all things upcoming and trendy, I was alerted to a new kickstarter project going on currently. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform for creators and project makers. Anyone can support a crowd funding project.  Just browsing through the ongoing campaigns really shows much amazing creativity there is out. We truly do not have to be dependent on big production companies for content.

The kickstarter that perked my interest is  called Typecast and it involves monsters struggling in the entertainment industry. They are literal monsters: a bug creature, a werewolf, and a zombie. Despite their monstrous personalities, they still struggle to get roles that they want and any roles at all. From the sample video that is displayed on their kickstarter page, the humor and dynamic is very similar to What We Do In The Shadows. A mockumentary that I highly recommend to everyone.

The project is ambitious and exciting as they strive to bring an eight-episode series of high quality content to fans. The makeup alone creating the werewolf characters showcases magnificent talent. For anyone who has been a fan of monster movies or shows, then this is most definitely the kickstarter they should be backing.




Once I saw who is the director leading this project, I had no doubts that this will be beyond astounding. Justin Zagri of Broadstrokes Productions was responsible for bringing one of the most brilliant Harry Potter fan film to fruition last year: Severus Snape and the Marauders (See below). In a 25 minute short, Zagri produced a fan film that was dramatic, unique, and absolutely beautiful. I am so excited and crossing my fingers to see what he will bring to an eight part series.

There is not much else to say other than that the people behind the scenes are sure to bring something memorabe to the table. They just need your support. Check out the kickstarter page for Typercast HERE.

Typecast campaign will be open for support until Dec. 12, so don’t hesitate to check it out!



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