A Fun Book Club Experience


I listen to a lot of books. I average about a book a day. And as I listen, I come across some remarkable books that I really wish I could discuss with others. So imagine my excitement when a woman wrote about different online book clubs in her blog, and I spotted one group that planned to discuss one of my favorite books by my favorite author, Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams. And yesterday I got to participate in this book club discussion, with Ellery Adams herself joining the group! This discussion took place in the Death Becomes Us Cozy Mystery Book Club, led by Becky Wilhoite.

 Murder in the Mystery SuiteBecky did a great job of leading the discussion, posting a new discussion question every five minutes, while allowing people to continue to discuss previous questions. Questions ranged from our favorite character to reactions to certain details while we read the book and how we would feel if certain events of the book happened to us. And Adams interjected with her own goals for the book when she wrote it, which I found fascinating. She showed us a picture of the resort that inspired the entire Book Retreat series, and it was so much like I imagined Storyton Hall must look! And though we discussed the ending, Becky kept the discussion from actually naming the murderer so that those who haven’t finished the book wouldn’t be given a spoiler. I was in agony with my migraine the whole time, but I was having such a good time getting to discuss this book that I kept going.

I look forward to participating in many more discussions with this book club! They meet every month to discuss a new cozy mystery book. Next up? Twelve Slays of Christmas by Jacqueline Frost.

To join the Death Becomes Us Cozy Mystery Book Club, visit here.

To read my review of Murder in the Mystery Suite, click here.

A Fun Book Club Experience
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A Fun Book Club Experience
I got to participate in a book club discussing Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams, who joined us in the discussion.
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