6 Presents You Can Make for Loved Ones


What better way is there to show your loved ones how much you care than to make Christmas presents for your friends and family? For the last few years I have been making Christmas presents and am here today to teach you how to make some of the handmade Christmas gifts I’ve made in the past. These are also useful for letting children make their own gifts for their friends and family.

1. Photo Coasters Coasters
4×4 inch tiles
Photos trimmed to 4×4 inches
Mod Podge glue.
Foam applicators.
Lacquer spray.
Felt dots

Using the foam applicators, smother the back of the photo with Mod Podge Glue to glue the picture to the tile and then smother the top of the photo with more Mod Podge. When it is thoroughly dry, spray the coasters with the lacquer for at least two rounds. When they are thoroughly dry, glue the felt dots to the bottom of the tile to pad the tile. I use hot glue, but Super Glue will also work.

This becomes a special gift to make for friends to remind them of special memories. I made coasters of engagement pictures as wedding presents for my two cousins who recently got married, and they turned out terrific.

2. Personalized ornaments
Personalized ornament
Round plain ornament
Fabric paint in different colors. I recommend using ones with narrow tips so you can write from them directly.

Using the fabric paint, paint a large letter of the initial of your friend on one side of the ornament. When it dries, use a different shade to write the person’s name across the initial. After that side has dried, turn the ornament over and write the year on the back.

This will be a special memory for years to come, always reminding your loved ones of your friendship when they decorate their tree each year.

3. Glass etching Glass etching
Plain glasses.
Glass etching cream.
Rubber gloves
Foam applicators.
Dark contact paper.
Xacto knife
Alphabet stickers

Etched glass

NOTE: This is NOT a craft for children to be doing because the etching cream can burn. Using the Xacto knife, cut an image out from the Contact paper, leaving the outside piece intact as one piece. Carefully stick the piece of Contact paper to the glass and put the sticker of the initial(s) of the recipient inside the image.

Now put on your rubber gloves because etching cream will burn. Using the foam applicators, smother the empty space with etching cream. Let it set for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off the cream. Only after the cream is fully off should you remove the Contact paper and letter sticker. Wash in the dishwasher before you give the glasses to your friends or family.

4. Hair decorations
Various barrettes, headbands, bobby pins, and hair combs
Resin flowers, rhinestone shapes, or other decorations
E6000 gluecomb

I recommend http://www.etsy.com/shop/mytasu as a shop with anything you might need. If you enter in the coupon code MYTASU20, Ruby will give you 20% off your offer.

Be creative in mixing and matching flowers and other fun supplies to the hair materials. I’ve used this craft with the children in my church as a Mother’s Day craft with great success.

5.Name sign Initial with Matchbox Cars
A large wooden letter for the initial of each person on the list
Black paint
Yellow paint
Hot glue
Foam letters
2-4 Matchbox cars for each letter
Picture hanging wire set

First, paint each letter black and then paint a dotted yellow line all around it as if it is the center divider in the road. Next use the foam letters to write the person’s name down the side. Then use hot glue to attach the miniature cars to make them circle around the rest of the letter. Finally, use the picture hanging wire to enable the letter to attach to the wall.

6. MugDecorative Mugs
Plain white mugs
Oil based sharpie markers
Alphabet stickers

Lay out the alphabet stickers to write out a name or even just one initial. Then use the markers either to draw designs around the letters or to create dots in two or three matching shades that cover the stickers fully, so the letters will show up in white against a colored background.

The next step is setting the ink. While keeping the stickers on the mug, put it into the cold oven. Turn on the oven to 350 degrees and keep the mug in the oven for half an hour after it is fully preheated. Then, without opening the oven, turn it off and keep the mug in the oven until the oven is fully cooled. Now you can take the mug out and remove the stickers.

This design is especially great to use with children making gifts for people in their lives because even the youngest can scribble with the markers over the stickers and create a message.

Personalized gifts are always meaningful to family and friends. You can find more craft ideas on Pinterest.

6 Presents You Can Make for Loved Ones
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6 Presents You Can Make for Loved Ones
Want to make your own Christmas presents? Here are suggestions on 6 gifts that you or your kids can make for friends or loved ones.
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