DesignerCon 2017: Creators


For those who love art in print, vinyl figurines, clothing, hats, sculptures, and other media, then DesignerCon is definitely the convention to go to.

Spanning over two buildings at the Pasadena Convention Center, over 150 creators showcased their artwork and it was an overall overwhelming and humbling experience.

Most people experience a similar and smaller version of DesignerCon in the form of artist alleys during various comic conventions.  The difference is that there are no boundaries in terms of art at DesignerCon. One booth could have prints of familiar pop culture characters while sharing the space next to a booth of furry plants in a pot; urban street art mingling with cute art; gruesome and terrifying styles next to Lego sculptures. The amount of styles and creations is endless and exhilarating.

DesignerCon is also a great way to see many urban street artists showcasing their talents. Most of these artists have their artwork on walls around the city or in underground art shows. A particular treat was seeing the Barcelona street artist, Saturno, working on an art piece at the Silent Stage booth. After seeing one of Saturno’s amazing street art, it was really something to seeing his creation come to being. His use of bright color and space defying composition is one of many of his talents. Check out his instagram feed here for why this creator caught my attention.

The average attendee was between mid twenties to mid thirties prepared with deep pockets and endless patients. Most of the vendors are independent creators and the price tags reflected their hard work and dedication. Each displayed creation was unique and exquisite. Some attendees waited patiently in long lines wrapping around booths for specific creators that come in from overseas such as Refreshment Toys.  The one many difference between attending DesignerCon and any comic con artist alley is that one may not need to necessary know the artist or character, one just needs to be drawn to it and that is enough to create a connection between artist and fan.

After walking up and down aisle after aisle, the overloaded visual senses will calm down and certain creators will pop out more. It could be something about their booth set up or just the artwork itself. Over the 400 vendors, four stood out from the crowd with their welcoming smile, distinctive creations, and positive energy.  Enjoy getting to know a drip art dunny artist, dumpster miniature artist, assembly artist, and fairy-magic -mutated creature creator. Full video is at the end of the article.

“Bomber” custom made (

Mr. Mars Studios


Mars has one of brightest and welcoming smiles. In one of the biggest rooms at DesignerCon, that was enjoy to flicker the eyes towards his wares. The wares themselves kept the eyes glued.

Mr. Mars specializes in drip art using resin and mixed media. His love and appreciation for street art can be seen in the spectacular mixing of colors and and designs.  Most of his work features drip art silhouette of Dunny figurines in various colors and styles.

His origins into the art scene was a heartwarming beginning when he was a nanny and his charge inspired him. There is no question how passionate Mr. Mars is and he is definitely one to follow.






Sergio Jauregui – That But Smaller

Miniature anything is a world of its own with dollhouses and other such delicate things. Never has a miniature LA dumpster has paused attendees right in their step. That is the absolute humor and beauty of it all. Something that is so innocuous and mundane in normal size is completely fascinating in miniature form.  In its tiny form does every detail that make it a thing is exaggerated: the incomprehensible graffiti with occasional names, debris, coloration.

Sergio  Jauregui beginning as an elevator technician to inspired artist is pure indie gold. From the gritty under workings of a city does a lone worker see the beauty of the city. The ability to be inspired by a dumpster is a truly worthy of attention.

Oddly enough, the discovery of this artist coincided quite well with seeing the trailer for Downsizing.




“Virtual Realities” (


One of the cleverest use of booth space went to assembly artist Gmonik. To help visualize his one of kind sculptures, he brought in actual wall pieces to hang around a living room space of a beautiful . The space featured a  “fireplace”, a cozy chair, and pedestals featuring other sculptures.

A self-proclaimed hoarder and eager collector of all toys, Gmonik is able to see a story with in the jumble of chaos. Turning a pile of playsets, mannequin heads, and other mixed media, Gmonik creates stories from discard history in his assembled pieces and cultures. His talent also extends to creating street murals and portraits.





“Mint” a Jackalope (

Stefani Lee – Lee’s Menagerie


These art dolls have articulated skeletons inside. Articulated skeletons!

Thanks to fairy magic, every day creatures like kittens and rabbits have been mutated into these super adorable pastel horned creations.

The influence of Jim Henson is definitely strong with these creations. Stefani was inspired by Celtic lore and has a name for each and every one of them. Check out the website for even more history and descriptions of these creatures.

A novel will be coming out soon that will further enrich the lore surrounding these super, duper cute mutations.



The overall vibe was welcoming, unique, and completely inspiring. The amount of energy creating and designing artwork is truly appreciated at DesignerCon. Growth and success for creators are one step closer at DesignerCon. The convention has developed a name for itself for providing a host of spectacular space for indie creators. As was seen by the long lines and bulging shopping bags, the convention is very popular and will keep growing. Here’s to looking forward to another year of stunning creations and fun!



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