You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry: Mistress of Death Holiday Shopping 2017 Guide is Here


Hello to our lovely morbid readers looking for gifts that are maybe not as joyful and triumphant as most Christmas goes.  We’ve put together an odd collection of fun morbid holiday gifts for 2017. As always, the links are in the titles of each listing.


To Hunt A Killer

Okay, so this monthly mystery kit is so popular, they only allow 200 people a day to join and you have to take a test to qualify. This is a great gift for those who deeply enjoy serial killer mysteries or are addicted to true crime podcasts. This also makes a great family present, if your family is a bit on the morbid side.


Creepy Hair Clips from MetalLiquor

If your tastes run more to creepy beauty, check out these death head moth clips. Also, they’ve got planchettes, bats, and skulls.

Cute Skull Necklace

It’s cute, it’s tiny, and if you’re obsessed with rose gold they’ve got that to.

From Here to Eternity

Chances are if you’re of the darker reading material persuasion, you’ve seen this book on multiple lists this year. This book was an incredible look at death culture around the world from the creator of Ask a Mortician. Seriously, get your copy. Here is our review is here if you want to know more.


Shirts, Phone Cases, and Sweatshirts for Serial Killers, Unsolved Murders, and Cults Podcasts

If you’re obsessed with the podcasts Cults, Unsolved Murders, and Serial Killers from Parcast, they’ve just released their merchandise. Keep in mind, these items are only available until December 8th, 2017, but are guaranteed to ship before Christmas.

Turquoise Skull Corkscrew or Bottle Opener

Combine a love of favorite adult beverages with this gorgeous combination.

Preserved Spiderwebs Necklace


Want a real preserved spiderweb you can wear everyday? ScaleHouse Creations has got a necklace you’ll love. They also have a few with snake scales.


Happy Haunting Holidays!


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