Cosplay by McCall’s


McCall’s Patterns has some of the best patterns around so when cosplay went main stream they did the only thing a fabric/pattern company should: they created a line of cosplay patterns.

If you’re not familiar with McCall’s then you’re missing out. They recently released the following incredible patterns for costumers/cosplayers/creators of all levels to use…

The popular pattern drafting company has not stopped there. They have enlisted the help of cosplayers like Yaya Han to ensure they meet the expectations of crafters everywhere. Using her advice/guidance they are also delving into the world of foam fabrication and worbla armor building which has resulted in the following products…

As a cosplayer myself I remember struggling with pattern making. If I had access to these patterns in the early days I can only IMAGINE what amazing things my padawan self would be capable of. These and more can be purchased at

Good luck cosplayers of the world and FAN GIRL ON!


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