A Highly Satisfying Humorous Mystery in “Six Geese a-Slaying”


 Six Geese a- SlayingIn Six Geese a-Slaying, Donna Andrews’s tenth Meg Langslow book, Meg celebrates her first Christmas married to Michael Waterston by organizing the Caerphilly Christmas parade in the hopes of promoting Michael’s professorial career. With the parade’s theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, things get wild at the Waterstons’ house in the country as the (bag)pipers piping try to outblast the drummers drumming, who just happened to have brought along their fife corps as well. Meg is eagerly checking off the arrivals of the many participants in her “notebook that tells her when to breathe” when her 12- year- old nephew Eric, in charge of the animal sanitation patrol, frequently referred to in jest as the “Dung Fu Fighters,” approaches Meg with a “problem.” About Santa. He has been brutally murdered with a stake driven through his heart. Worried that this incident may harm Michael’s chances of getting the ever- so- crucial tenure, Meg puts on her detectives cap and gets to work at trying to solve to murder of the man she soon learns has the reputation as the meanest man in Caerphilly.

This book is the first of four Christmas- themed book in the Meg, but it is the last to come out on audio. Thus I have listened to Duck the Halls and The Nightingale before Christmas many times before, and How the Finch Stole Christmas! when it came out last month. The book introduced some details that will surface in future books and returned former beloved characters. The book maintains the same sense of humor found in others, and i had a terrific time listening to the book. It really helped me cope with the pain of my severe migraine, and I have ever intention of going back to listen to the book again soon.

Bernadette Dunne reprises Meg Langslow in performing this first person narrative. She sounds the way I picture Meg sounding and uses great expression for whole book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Six Geese a-Slaying. My mom, who has read the books not on audio in her kindle, does not like this book much, but I have to disagree with her. I will happily return to this book again and add it to my pile of comfort reading. I give this book five stars!

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