“Luzia” by Cirque du Soleil Is an Excellent Experience


 Cirque du SoleilOn Tuesday, my husband and I benefited from my parents’ having expected guests. We got to use my parents’ tickets to Luzia by Cirque du Soleil at Dodger Stadium for the relatively cheap cost of the $25 for parking. Luzia uses a Mexican theme, opening the show with the usual announcements against cell phone usage and flash photography disguised as part of typical pre-flight announcements.

The show opened with one of my favorite acts, a conveyer belt that team continuously, allowing the acrobats to do constant tumbling. That in itself was really impressive, but Cirque du Soleil never stops at the mere impressive. They then stacked rings that were only about 3 feet in diameter in the small space that was not moving and did tumbling tricks through the rings. Sometimes this involved one person throwing another through one of the rings, while other times the person thrown through would then drag the first person back through the ring. Some tumblers did not just flips but flips with twists in the air as they passed through these small rings that sat three or four feet high.

One of the most impressive acts of the first half had just two people on stage. Actually, calling it “on stage” is really a misnomer because one swung above the stage on a trapeze on which she did highly astounding tricks. The other woman used a giant hula hoop that she kept in constant motion to do further acrobatic and dance moves. Then, just as we thought they had reached the pinnacle of what two women could accomplish, the show turned on the water works. Literally. A whole sheet of water began to pour in a straight row across the stage, allowing the women to pass back and forth under the row of water at will. Getting themselves and their equipment wet must have made their intricate stunts all the more difficult and certainly more impressive. I find it interesting that both my husband and I cited this act as our favorite, but while I was entranced by the woman in the air, Jose was particularly impressed by the woman on the ground. Jose specified her ability to keep the hoop moving at all times while adding in various acrobatic and dance moves all at once. Yet she does all this in such a way as to make it all look easy.

Cirque du Soleil gives a whole new meaning to the term “pole dancing.” To open the second half, both men and women climbed up poles that were kept moving around the circular stage, suddenly sliding down, stopping moments before hitting the floor. In between going up and down, the acrobats did further complex maneuvers while holding onto the poles, sometimes with their hands and other times with their legs, sometimes parallel to the poles yet other times completely perpendicular to them.

ContortionistJose and I also were impressed by the contortionist who did such crazy feats that seemed unbelievable. I have seen various contortionist acts over the years, but this man far outdid any I’ve seen before.Contortionist




The show included so many creative acts that I can’t even begin to describe its impressiveness. This was the fourth Cirque du Soleil show I have seen and Jose’s third, and we both agree that Luzia is the best we’ve attended. We both highly recommend this show.

"Luzia" by Cirque du Soleil Is an Excellent Experience
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"Luzia" by Cirque du Soleil Is an Excellent Experience
I was deeply impressed by attending "Luzia" by Cirque du Soleil, which features amazing tricks of various sorts .
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