Matt Bellassai’s ‘Everything is Awful’ is the Perfect Gift for Your Family Curmudgeon


Matt Bellassai made a career out of getting drunk on Youtube and talking mad smack about pretty much anything. Whether if was his experiences with bad parents in stores or those folks who “want to speak to the manager” Bellassai is often drunk and sassy when it comes to the internet. In his new memoir, Everything is Awful, readers get a chance to see what caused this teenager from the midwest to become the outspoken gay man who only eats food when it’s delivered to his apartment in New York.

I absolutely loved this book, but to be fair it will not be for everyone. Bellessai is openly gay, cranky as all get out, and utterly hilarious. His takes on family vacations, being the child who was almost always the only one to get injured, and life trying to not get murdered when finding roommates in New York, where gut-bustingly funny. A few times while reading the digital copy of this book in bed, I almost woke up my husband while laughing out loud.

Everything is Awful is now available from Atria Books.



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