Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time


 Yesterday was Christmas day and for many that means much more than family time and presents. For many that means a Doctor Who Christmas Special!! And since this is a biggie, a regeneration, it was even more special.  And let me just start off with Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time did not disappoint!

I was and am beyond sad to say goodbye to our Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. I loved him. A lot. After the silliness of 11, I was ready fro a grumpy doctor, a cool doctor, a wise doctor, and Capaldi did it so well. So well. So even though I was excited for the Christmas special, I was not ready for him to say goodbye. But I think the way Moffat wrote this special was perfect. (Not something I say often about Moffat)

I don’t want to give spoilers here, but the way they brought back Bill Potts really made me happy. I was wondering how they would explain her presence after being turned into a cyberman and dying at the end of the last season, but they found a way that wasn’t cheesy, but sorta wonderful. And as it was a regeneration, and that usually includes bring up the past companions, I was not surprised to see Nardole and Clara as well. (Not a huge fan of how they handled Clara, it felt kinda clunky) Overall, the saying goodbye was lovely, and the Doctor’s speech is already one of my favorites. And that is saying something as 12 gave great speeches. My other favorite thing about this special was there was no big enemy. There was no fight. There was an altruistic not-a-bad-guy. There was just an adventure that brought two Doctor’s together to learn a little bit more about themself.¬† And it was perfect.

The setting, I think was perfect, as was the inclusion of a real event that truly evokes a hopeful Christmas feeling. It was well handled I believe. Mark Gattiss as usual was amazing, but for me, I loved David Bradley. I thought his portrayal of the first Doctor was just amazing, and the way the two of them interacted was delightful. I laughed a lot, which I didn’t expect, and I cried at the end, which I did.

And lastly, the regeneration. I was not a huge fan of them choosing a woman for a doctor, not because I don’t think it could work (I loved Misty!) but because the only thing I know Jodie Whitaker from is Broadchurch and I wasn’t a fan of her acting. But with that silly grin, I was sold. I hope that she does well, and I’ll be here, watching!

5 double-hearted stars from this whovian


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