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“I think being a nerd is being so excited about something that you want to learn everything about it and share it with your friend.” –Erika InnesUnicorn Dance Party 2

Erika Innes is a comedien who has projecteted the observations and thoughts that most fangirls have deeply buried with in to keep from”rocking” the boat. Innes not only rocks the boat but she owns that boat with confidence and razor edged wit. She brings all of that to her current comedy special,  Unicorn Dance Party 2.

Right from the beginning of the show she proudly shows off her nerd cred with some hardcore Star Trek trivia. The rest of the show teeters between jokes and observations from the perspective of one who long since  tired of “traditional” views about her gender, her sexuality, and geek culture. Not only can she throw down some Star Trek facts, she drinks, goes to Burning Man, and is the self-proclaimed leader of the Nerd Legion. In a nutshell, Innes is the person thumbing through comic books during a convention and then throwing around penis jokes at the bar hours later.

Innes is a LA comedienne with two comedy albums already under her belt: Sex With Nerds (2011) and Smells Like Nerd Spirit (2013). The just-released Unicorn Dance Party 2 is her latest.

Sadly, there no dancing unicorns other than the show’s cover art. There is, however, a super sweet gigantic inflated unicorn that I would be happy to play with in the pool. The unicorn in this party is Innes herself, representing is a seemingly fantastic creature that people covet: brains and beauty. Yet Innes stands proud happily proving that the combination can and does exist.




Innes serves up her comedy in a dry and snaky fashion with a ready smile. From the stories and jokes that she relays onscreen, not much misses her keen eyes and mind. Her humor may not wrench your gut to pieces from laughing, but you will find yourself nodding knowingly along. I can attest that her comedy is almost a mirror of the conversations that I have with my own nerdy-female friends. In an hour, she covers nerd facts, weight loss, dick jokes, being a nerd, and fake butts. We, especially fangirls, have all dealt with some variation of the situations Innes jokes about. Innes is the comedienne to watch when you are at your wits end with the world. Especially in the current world of geek, pop culture where it has became an all out battleground to pointlessly protect ones fandom.

Despite the grievances and frustrations, Innes shrugs off those limitations and marches on. She is poignant on topics such as having to establish “nerd cred” to fit in with a group of socially awkward people and gender values of “guyliner” and “murses” to connect with bisexuals.

No matter what topic she approaches, however, Innes delivers that alternative perspective with a smile and an inflated unicorn.


Unicorn Dance Party 2 is available on AMAZON PRIME





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