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Welcome to another Feature Friday! This week we’re getting active with the ever moving, hyper active and incredibly talented creators of Bros N Cons: Katie Owens and Vic Rincon!

Ok…question one: Why Bros n Cons? Rather, how did you come up with such an interesting group name? What is its significance?

Katie: Since we met, Vic and I have always had this relationship where pop culture has been our “sport”.

Vic: We really bonded in film school over things like Star Wars and just sci fi in general. And for whatever reason we started calling each other “bro”.

Katie: When we started shooting at cons together, we were “bros” shooting “cons”. It just made sense to us. We realized early on that it would create a certain image in people’s heads. It surprises a lot of people when they realize the founders and creative directors of Bros N Cons are two women. But it represents our friendship, and the cosplay community is very open to the idea of blurring lines of social roles. Bros don’t have to be guys.

How long has your team operated in the Phoenix, AZ area? Do you travel to other events as well?

Vic: I first started shooting cons on my own in 2015. It was really just for fun and a way for me to enjoy the con experience doing what I love, which is filming anything and everything. When Katie moved down to Phoenix in 2016, we started doing this collaboratively and it really took off.

Katie and I have been making short films together since we met in film school 6 years ago. While we’ve been local up until this point, we’re planning to start going to more cons in 2018. Two larger cons that we’re planning to attend and shoot that we haven’t yet are WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con.

What are some of your favorite cons?

Vic: Phoenix Comicon is the con I’m most familiar with and have been attending for years, so I always look forward to it every year. This year, Tucson Comic Con was a lot of fun, and I’m so excited to go to SDCC.

Katie: Phoenix Comicon is sort of home base for us, but Tucson Comic Con was REALLY fun. Everyone was great.

Your videos are always spectacular, what do you use to create them? (equipment/software/people)

Vic: We shoot on the Sony A7Sii and I always use my Glidecam2000. It gives me so much versatility and allows me to get the swift moving shots that work well for the edit. Editing wise we edit on Adobe Premiere. When we shoot, Katie directs, I shoot, and then we both edit at the end of each day, both the big edit that we release at the end, and also “Cosplay of the Day” edits so we’re releasing content each day.

We generally brainstorm the edit ahead of time. For larger cons like Phoenix Comicon, we schedule people in locations that fit their cosplay, and we have the song picked out in advance. So we have this rough idea of what we’ll be doing for the video before we even shoot it.

Katie: Haha, Vic pretty much covered it. I think our background in film is a huge asset.

Vic: We also have additional crew members from time to time who we have to credit. Josh Smith takes fantastic behind the scenes stills for us, and Sierra Gergus has done a fair share of social media and production assistance for us. She really helps us round out our knowledge on pop culture, as she’s familiar with some fanbases that we aren’t. One new thing we’re doing is interviews at cons, and Jessika Ros (Jinx Cosplay) has been a huge asset as our interviewer.

Katie: We’re also bringing James Kelley on board for behind the scenes and additional camera work too.

Do you prefer photography or videography and why? How do the two differ for you?

Vic: Videography is definitely my forte. I learned cinematography before photography, but I really do love doing portrait work. That’s one thing we’re planning to ramp up for 2018—between cons we hope to start doing cosplay photography. We’ve already had a handful of clients and are really happy with the results. Overall though, I love the motion that cinematography allows. Instead of one moment in time you’re capturing hundreds and thousands. And there’s something about the movement of light in cinematography that I just love.

Katie: Personally I’m a lot more familiar with the photography side of things rather than videography. I love directing video but I’m handier with photography.

Who have you filmed/photographed that left a positive impression on you?

Vic: That’s a tough one. We’ve met so many great people. We really hit it off with a bunch of people in the Atlantis cosplay group we shot in 2016. IMD Creations, Magic and Mischief Cosplay, and AmberSkies Cosplay are all people we look forward to meeting up with every con. Its always a pleasure to work with them and they always come up with the most creative stuff.

Katie: That’s one of my favorite things about filming cons, we’ve met so many incredible, truly kind and passionate people. I completely agree with Vic about them, I want to add Lillimoe Cosplay and Fuzzy-O-Tool Cosplay as two people I’m always excited to see.

Which are better: Video Games or Comics?

Vic: I’ve always been more of a video games person. I’m more likely to skim the Wiki on comics than actually read them. I’m obsessed with The Last of Us. And I really loved Horizon: Zero Dawn. I just got a PSVR and I’ve been playing Skyrim on it. Its fantastic. As far as older games go, I grew up playing PacMan, Galaga, Super Mario and I used to play this Star Wars pod racing game on Nintendo 64 all the time as a kid. Oh, and Star Wars Battlefront II from 2006. I used to play that all the time.

Katie: Oooo boy. I can get really into some comics and graphic novels. Preacher and Saga are my go-to when anyone asks me for suggestions. But I love video games, I got completely immersed in Horizon: Zero Dawn recently, The Last of Us, the Uncharted Series, Red Dead Redemption…When I was younger it was all about N64, Game Cube, and Gamecube though.

What are some of your favorite cosplays you have seen/filmed/photographed?

Vic: There’s so many! I think the most shocking to me was when we scheduled the New Arizona Republic: Fallout Costume & Prop Group. They said there would be maybe 5 or 6 people, and when they showed up there were roughly 20 of them. Those guys have pure passion for what they do, and it made filming with them an absolute blast. Recently, we had a lot of fun filming with the Phoenix Amazons at Phoenix Fan Fest.

Katie: I love directing the big groups like that! This is one of the harder questions to keep short, so I’ll tell you about the one that really got me. When we were filming at Tucson Comic Con, we kept seeing this little Pennywise running around with his parents. He can’t have been older than 4. We ended up catching up with them at the very end of the day, and when I asked him to give me a scary smile, he cut me off mid-sentence with the CREEPIEST grin I’ve ever seen. It was GOLD.

What are your plans for 2018?

Vic: So many! Like we said earlier, we’re planning to hit more cons in 2018, both inside and outside of Arizona. ACE Comicon, Wondercon, SDCC, Phoenix Comicon, and some smaller local cons are all on our list this year. In addition to that we’re also planning to make cosplay photography a larger part of what we do. It’s a way we can continue to contribute to the cosplay community outside of cons.

Katie: I’m looking forward to keeping connected with the local cosplay community while we expand to other parts of the country. We really love doing this, and in order to keep doing it we have to keep growing and supporting other cosplayers and cons. It’s really exciting stuff.

Vic: Another thing we want to do is a Star Wars fan film. We already have people on board for cast and crew, its all just a matter of making it a reality.

Katie: Oh yes. That’s been a big dream for both of us, and we keep meeting people at cons who we would like to involve. It’s incredible, the amount of sheer support everyone has for each other in this community.

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