A Body in a Bath in “A Sour Taste of Suspicion”


A Sour Taste of SuspicionElise is tired of living on ramen noodles, so she realizes she needs to find employment other than just as a dog walker as A Sour Taste of Suspicion by CeeCee James opens. Fortunately, her best friend, Lavina, has just the thing. Lavina’s rich Aunt Myrtle is getting up in years and needs a companion while she lives at the antebellum Montgomery Manor. Her family has found someone, but until that person can arrive, they want Elise to live at the manor with Aunt Myrtle. There are servants to wait on her, but she needs someone to socialize with. The deal sealer is the large sum the family is prepared to pay Elise.

But things immediately start out on a sour note and only get stranger. As Elise goes to take a shower soon after having arrived, she pulls back the shower curtain to find the stabbed body of the gardener in the tub. Then, things get creepier as items start disappearing, both in the house and in the dollhouse that is modeled after the original manor house. Aunt Myrtle explains away everything as being done by her older sister, Anna. The only problem is that Anna died in a freak accident more than 60 years earlier, but which the girls’ mother blamed upon Myrtle. When Elise learns that her own great-great-grandma Constance was Aunt Myrtle’s nurse, she feels a special connection that makes her feel drawn to help Aunt Myrtle.

This book was enjoyable to listen to. Though rather short (a mere four hours and 16 minutes), the book does a good job of gripping the reader and making us really curious about the strange happenings. In order to remain a traditional cozy mystery, a book cannot be paranormal, so I was sure that the strange occurrences had a natural explanation, but that just made the book all the more intriguing. I found the plot to have creative details and the characters to be relatable.

I really loved the performance of Jennifer Groberg as she read the audiobook. With a fully credible Southern accent that remained still easy for all to follow, she seems to have been an ideal selection to narrate this book. She made good voices and excellent intonations in her rendering of this book for readers like me to listen to.

I really liked listening to A Sour Taste of Suspicion and think that it will appeal to plenty of other readers too. It will help some if you listen to the first two books in the series, but it isn’t crucial. I look forward to moving on to the next book. I give this book four stars!

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