Review: Giant Days #34



Giant Days, created and written by John Allison is a funny and dramatic slice of life comic about three students trying to make the most of life while at university. The story centers around pragmatic Susan, good-natured Daisy, and the cheerful goth Esther.


Issue 34 is set at the ending of their second year of university after the three girls have decided on where they will be living the following year. This issue follows Esther and the trio’s nerdy and awkward friend Ed through a “ten drinks at ten pubs” crawl.

During their pub crawl, Esther interrogates Ed about his high school years and also reveals more of her own dark history. Ed and Esther’s flashbacks provided new insight into the characters and what makes them tick. The issue also reveals some surprising similarities between the two characters. As we have seen Esther do in the past, it seems Ed too will go a long way for love.

The art of the issue was bright and colorful with fun backgrounds used to emphasize Esther’s emotions. The substantial number of different facial expressions displayed by Ed and Esther in a single issue showed the artists skills and commitment to the characters. Esther’s face, in particular, changed in nearly every frame. It was very amusing.

A final note about the art is that while I already found the comic inclusive and considerate, some of the details in the background of issue 34 were particularly impressive. For example, the inclusion of a woman with a disability (in a wheelchair) in the background was thoughtful. Even as background characters, people with disabilities are often excluded, so that attention to detail impressed this reviewer.

Get your issue of Giant Days #34 here.

Reviewer Breanna Bang
Title Giant Days
Issue 34
Author John Allison
Cover and Pencils Max Sarin
Inks Liz Fleming
Colors Whitney Cogar
Letters Jim Campbell
Publisher Boom! Box, a division of Boom Entertainment inc.



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