Cosplay Feature: Kii-Chan Cosplay


Cosplay Handle: Kii-chan

Place of Residence: Washington state

Website/Social Media:

Instagram: kiichan_cosplay

Cosplay amino: kii~chan

Tell us about yourself (hobbies, what you like, your interests, etc.).

When I’m not sewing my heart out or painting props, I love to play video games and write. I’m a well-rounded nerd who enjoys slaying dragons at the roll of the dice, or getting my butt kicked in Mario Kart. Though living in the beautiful Northwest, I do spend quite a bit outdoors hiking and exploring. I love adventures, traveling and trying new foods. I’m majoring in history, and someday I hope to teach however, let’s face it, I’m a cosplayer, so I spend most my free of my time crafting props or sewing with my friends or watching anime.

Adventures are the absolute best! It sounds like you live life to the fullest! Why don’t you tell us how you got started in cosplay…

I was lucky that my parents were passionate about video games and crafting. My dad raised me watching anime and playing video games. Even before I knew what cosplay was, I knew I wanted to dress up as these characters. My dad encouraged me to cosplay at my second convention in 2007. I threw together a closet- cosplay of a generic Jonin from ‘Naruto’. I was in love with cosplay and knew I had to try again. My grandmother was so excited that I was interested in sewing. She was completely on board, and taught me everything I know. We made a Ciel cosplay from ‘Kuroshitsuji’ and Johan from ‘Yu-gi-oh GX’ as my first two. It just snowballed from there.

A family that costumes together is SO MUCH FUN! What inspires your costume creations?

A new challenge. I love picking characters that make me work hard and try a new skill or one that challenges my acting. I also love working with my friends, doing group cosplays. Currently, my group is working together on seven deadly sins and bride the ancient magus cosplays.

What do you expect from cosplay?

Learning new, fun skills. I always try to lean towards new cosplays that have something I’ve never tried to make before. It’s truly amazing what cosplayers learn from making costumes. I’ve learned not only sewing but basics to making props and foam-smithing, how to make jewelry, wigs, leather work, lighting, and even stand -up comedy. I’ve also been so lucky to make so the most amazing friends and, it’s all because of cosplay.

What is your favorite convention/cosplay story?

How I met one of my dearest friends, Sakura Elric cosplay. I was in line for a panel at Sakura-con a few years ago, unaware that the panel time had changed. But my friend and I had not realized this until after we had been seated and the panel was about to start. It turned out to be a Free! Iwatobi swim club panel, which we happened to be cosplaying from at the moment. So, of course, we decided to stay. The panel was a blast. We played tons games got really involved. I found myself on stage more often than being in my seat. I felt like I had crashed the panel, but afterwards Sakura Elric came over to me and thanked me for being there and helping out. Now we work together in panels and we plan them together all the time!

That is why we LOVE conventions. The connections that are made, the friends discovered…all of it is so happy. Ok, hard question: What is your favorite cosplay and why?

I am tied between Deedlet From Lodoss War and Nagisa from Free! Deedlet was my dream cosplay. However, Nagisa is my favorite to wear. He was my first cosplay I got really serious about cosplay. I made every bit of him myself. I spent hours learning how to do jewelry and to work with silk fabrics. I also learned how to do proper open chest binding. I’m so proud of him, and still wear him to almost every con with little updates. I also won my first contest in 2015 and did my first real photoshoot. He’s my first in a lot of ways for sure. He will always be my catalyst for needing to set that bar just one step higher.

I have seen your Deedlet…I LOVE your Deedlet. Of course, I am biased towards Record of Lodoss. So who are some of your favorite cosplayers?

My favorites out of the more popular cosplayers are Malinda-chan and Ex-shadow and Fawnina (formerly known as MangoSirene). For their wonderful 101 videos and down to earth personalities. I also like Uptown Cosplay and their partner, kionCloud. They are Great local cosplayers that show passion in all they do. A special shout out to Queens of Idol Hell. They are my favorite group to work with! I can’t thank them enough for all their wonderful advice.

I have not heard of a few of those, thank you for sharing! Well, it’s sadly the time where we need to wrap this wonderful interview up. Do you have any advice you would like to offer other cosplayers?

Practice, Practice, Practice. Wear that costume around the house. Try the makeup tricks more than once. Take a billion selfies. It will be a life saver when you know all the weak spots and best angles before the con. Try not to make deadlines for your cosplay, ether. You’re less likely to stress out and rush to the finish. Less rushing means less mistakes. The way I learned a lot of my tricks was actually binge watching YouTube 101 videos, and asking my friends for help or helping them with their costumes. Most importantly: remember to have FUN!!


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