‘Norman’ Will Make You Want to Throw Out Every Doll in Your House


Paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster was out of the investigation game when he and his then girlfriend came across a weird looking Matty Matel doll in an improvised container at a local antique store. As someone who took in haunted items and often told people not to worry, Lancaster was not at all worried about the weird inscription on the box, or the fact that the two employees working tried to encourage him to leave the doll behind. That’s when things got weird.  Lancaster and his girlfriend named the doll Norman, and that’s when the weirdness started.

For readers of paranormal investigation books, prepare to be creeped out. While haunted dolls and I are already not on good terms, after this book I’m perfectly content leaving all of my daughter’s dolls locked up in her room for all time. Lancaster didn’t suffer just the casual things being moved or creepy disembodied voices kind of haunting. No, he got infestations of bugs and rats. His cat was torn apart by something, before its skull was dug back up. His haunting involved the police showing up to the house multiple times for phantom 911 calls, when the family was sound asleep.

Norman is absolutely not a book to read before you go to bed. Norman is not the book to read if you’re an avid doll collector. It is most definitely a cautionary tale. If you’re a fan of paranormal investigation books, you’re in for a gift. Just don’t keep Norman in your house.

Norman is available April 02, 2018 from Llewellyn.


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