Faking Your Death With ‘The Amelia Project’ Podcast


Congratulations. You’ve reached The Amelia Project. This phone call isn’t happening. If you’re not serious about this, hang up. Now.

Thus begins the brilliance of The Amelia Project podcast. So what is The Amelia Project? Imagine you’re in the worst possible scenario of your life. You’re a cult leader that needs to end his life publicly. You’re an MI5 agent who wants to release a major secret. Heck, you’re a woman who has been horrifically cheated on by your husband and you deeply want to scar his psyche for life. Enter The Amelia Project. For a price, highly trained agents can help create your death, only to have you reemerge to live out the rest of your life. After two episodes, I was hooked.

The true joy of the Amelia Project is the creativity of each episode. The characters are so utterly bizarre at times that the listener can be caught off guard by their complexity. For example, in the first episode we meet a jilted wife who has just been left by her husband for the stereotypical younger woman. That’s where the stereotype ends. The wife is wealthy, savvy, and cool headed. She also suggests a super brutal sounding death that would scar anyone who sees it. But it doesn’t end there. She also plans to reemerge as a man so that she can seduce the younger woman away from her husband.  They only get more intricate. Look out for the cult leader that has to fake his death, but also wants to swap places with his intergalactic double.

The interviewers who bring in the case files are hilarious. They pontificate about the importance of cocoa. They regularly have to reawaken their assistants (who have usually been knocked out or bypassed by the person needing to disappear). They celebrate with glasses of wine. In short, I often wish I was the interviewer.

The Amelia Project started at the end of 2017, so if you’re the type who likes to be at the start of a podcast this is a great time to start listening.

You can listen to it wherever you download your podcasts.  I’m an iTunes kind of girl, so here’s the link.


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