Lego ‘HUGMAN’ Sculptures to Take Over Los Angeles on National Hugging Day


Jonathan Coulton’s HUGMAN design


Artist Nathan Sawaya and the Art Revolution Foundation are teaming up to celebrate National Hugging Day in Los Angeles. On January 21, 2018 over 100 LEGO brick sculptures of HUGMAN will be dotting the landscape. to help support the foundation and strengthen art education programs.  The figures are designed by notable artists and folks like Tony Hawk, Justine Ezarik (“iJustine”), Alec Monopoly, and Ashley Eckstein.
The HUGMAN figures stand about 20 inches tall and wrap their arms around table legs, bike racks, trees, posts and other things they can hug. They are made with LEGO bricks and a variety of custom materials. They will be seen in public places from Culver City and the San Fernando Valley to Downtown LA.
If you’re around the city, you’re encouraged to take pictures with them and tag them with the hashtag #HugmanAdventures.
“I’m excited to wok with some great artists, influencers and designers to bring never-before-seen HUGMAN sculptures to Los Angeles for a great cause,” said artist Sawaya.
After the one-day installation, the sculptures will be available for online auction to support the Art Revolution Foundation at Charity Buzz. 
“Studies show that including art into the classroom curriculum has monumental benefits for students and school culture,” said Nellie Scott, Director of Development for the Art Revolution Foundation. “Unfortunately, not every student has access to these benefits, so Art Revolution Foundation is working to change that.”
Check out this list of other folks participating in the designs: Jonathan Coulton, Chris Miller, Phil Lord, Phil LaMarr, Adam Savage, Paul Sabourin, Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo, Anne Wheaton, Justin Willman, Chris Pirillo, Bronwyn Lundberg, Sarah Zucker, Joseph Scrimshaw, Sean Kuehner, Ben Blacker, Kevin Champeny, Dave Pollot, Marc Fornes, Kim Evey, Greg Benson, Victor Lucas, David Orozco, Judy Richards and more.

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