Castlevania Season 2 update


If like me you loved the criminally short Castlevania series on Netflix, then boy howdy do I have news for you!

According to this report from Gamestop, our prayers have been answered and a new (still criminally short) series is coming! This summer we’ll get 8 episodes instead of 4.

The most important bit of information in the article is from the writer of the series, Warren Ellis.  In response to questions he’d received, he has this to say,

“We’re coming back this summer,” he says, “for eight episodes.”

I hope, like this article assumes, that the new series will come out in mid summer, just as the first one did.

So hooray for news of impending awesomeness. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this new, longer series and will be sure to binge it and review it just for you guys. (It’s cause I love y’all, I put myself through this, I swear.)




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