‘The Atrocities’ is a Worthy Horror Novella


Ms. Valdez knows that her new position is not a normal governess job the moment she arrives to Stockton Hall. The former church-turned-manor must be entered through a bizarre maze of statues made to look like people suffering terrible fates. These statues are known as The Atrocities; where the novella gets its title. The twisted statues don’t end just outside in the garden, but make up a general design for the home of her new charge. While Ms. Valdez has been hired to tutor a young girl name Isabella, she isn’t aware that Isabella is in fact dead. What she’s been hired to tutor is a ghost. The weirdness doesn’t end there.


Jeremy C Shipp has created a novella with The Atrocities that truly should be devoured in one sitting. It is a testament to the story that I intended to read only a short bit before going to bed, and instead powered through the whole thing. The way Stockton Hall is described is incredibly intriguing. The characters seem to be partial caricatures until one realizes how unique each one is. What kind of kid has a pet cabybara? What kind of father puts an odd eye insignia on his forehead before painting.

The Atrocities is available April 17, 2018 for Tor press, but can be preordered now.


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