‘Tag Along 2’ Loses Its Way in the Mountains


Editor’s Note: The following review discusses a movie involving the death of children, rape, and abortion. Sensitive readers should probably sit this one out.

I expected Tag Along 2 to be a horror movie; however the basic horror story rapidly becomes more horror against women than anything. After spending the start of her day removing a child from what she believes is an abusive home, a social worker named Shu-fen discovers that her teenage daughter is pregnant.  Horrified, she attempts to get her daughter to name the baby’s father and immediately thinks it must be statutory rape. After taking her daughter to a doctor and insisting she have an abortion, the doctor tells the mother and daughter to go home and think it over. Shu-fen inexplicably drops her daughter off at school and heads to work. When she attempts to pick her daughter up from school later, she is gone. Security footage shows her daughter following a young girl in red. They follow clues to an abandoned hospital in the woods. The father of Shu-fen’s possible grandchild is a teenage boy who takes on the persona of a tiger spirit and helps guide and protect his people. Searching for really anything that can help at this point in her search, Shu-fen enlists their help. The tiger spirit tells the people not to go into the hospital, as it is the lair of demons. Of course, our heroine does go inside and finds a missing pregnant woman, who soon gives birth to a stillborn child. While looking for answers, Shu-fen returns to the home of the woman from the beginning of the movie and learns she is responsible for the creation of the demon girl in red. What follows becomes an allegorical story of the heart breaking choices of motherhood and devolves into a messed up rape plot, followed by a relatively grotesque abortion sequence in the demon hospital, and CGI so bad that it’s hard to take the entire remainder of the movie seriously.

When the movie begins, you will be subject two two immediately cliche horror movie gimmicks. The first is the fact that someone will go off into the woods to pee and won’t come back. The second is that someone is going to trip over a body. Be prepared for a haunted amusement park, creepy children, and of course demons who really aren’t so bad once you get to know them. Tag Along 2 (or as I’m now unaffectionally calling it Roe v. Wade: The Revenge) is unfortunately another horror movie that feels the need to include a rape subplot and tell a morality story against abortion. There were more than enough creepy jump scares and freak out moments in this movie that we really didn’t need to see Shu-fen being raped as a teenager. We didn’t need to see her holding the lifeless rabbit-like body of her aborted dream grandbaby. In fact, the movie would have been creepy enough if we left all of that out and just focused on the fact that a woman completes a ritual to bring back her child as a literal demon baby. I guess, come for the tiger boy, stay for the dancing demon babies? Also, I get that the mom is supposed to be young, but she looks like if that was the case she would have been 12 when she had her kid.

Tag Along 2 is advertised as one of the highest grossing movies in Taiwan. If you dare, it comes to VOD on February 6, 2018, and DVD On April 3rd.


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