Soulwind was an ambitious story written by Scott Morse for Oni press.  Originally released as 8 individual comics back in 1997, it was just rereleased as a hardcover omnibus on January 24th. The tome is broken up into five “books” or sections.

Hailed as “compelling and combining the finest aspects of science fiction and fantasy” (, I was really excited to read this story that was new to me. I haven’t been so wrong about something I thought I’d like since I picked up the first Magicians book.  Soulwind is 522 pages of just…. head scratching.  There are some examples of beautiful art in the first and third books of this omnibus, but even the beautiful drawings could not make the story compelling to me.

By the end of the third book, I knew this was a lost cause for me. Not even a narwhal and a nod to Sir Author Conan Doyle in the fourth book could keep my attention, and those are two things that I love. So that is a huge statement.  In the end, I think, for me, this story was just trying too hard to say something. And it fell flat in the execution. The jumping from characters and time periods to different story-lines was jarring and made it hard for me to sink into the narrative.

Sadly for me, this is a low 2 star read. I wish I could have enjoyed it more.


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