The Alienist Episode 2 Review


 I’m a day late in my review for the second episode of The Alienist. I’m sorry for that, but hey the flu sucks, am I right?

So I sat down with great anticipation after really enjoying the premier episode, I was not disappointed.  After watching and enjoying the first episode I noticed where some other viewers had not enjoyed it, and I can kind of see where they were coming from.  It is a slow paced show. It does linger perhaps too long on some things, but that does not stop me from liking it.  Scenes such as the twin policemen attempting to figure out what kind of knife would be capable of gauging out the eye socket are what draw me to this show and keep the tether hooks in.  And speaking of the twins, Marcus and Lucius Isaacson are quickly becoming scene stealers.

This second episode serves the purpose of setting up the group who will be the main of this show, Doctor Kreizler, Sara Howard, John Moore and the twins. So the pace was especially slow except for the final act, which had me holding my shirt to my mouth and begging John Moore not to be such an idiot. Alas he was, and he drank the drink and it is not going to end well for him, I don’t think.  But even with the inconsistent pacing and the threads left dangling (what is up with the doctor’s maid?) I am still just as excited for the third episode as I was for the first.

I love the learning of it I think, and the glimpse into the past. The scene at the dinner table where they spoke of fingerprinting, a science in it’s infancy, was beautifully handled. I think that the art director definitely deserves some sort of award for this when all is said and done as it is visually stunning, even when the grit and grime and squalor is being showcased, it is done well.

So another 5 star episode and I cannot wait to see where it goes next. Hopefully not to John’s funeral.


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