Raven: Daughter of Darkness


Raven is trying to live a normal life. She has friends, a family and even attends school. In an effort to “fit in” she arranges a camping trip with some acquaintances on a beach near her Aunt’s home. Raven, or Rachel as the mortals know her, is not well versed in humanity but she has come to understand that emotions play a big part in how they live. While tending to a camp fire with her newfound companions she is suddenly torn from her body by the scream of an innocent in the woods…

Raven, now in her true form, flies to the defense of the innocent whose scream she heard. Henchmen flit about attempting to stop her but she is too strong. Raven is a force they cannot contain…much like the girl she pursues. After a strange illusion of Trigon, her demonic father, appearing from thin air, Raven realizes the girl she pursues is very much abnormal. Whilst attempting to find this girl, she discovers a facility that may or may not have created the girl named “Azure”. Who is Azure is and what she can do unfolds but that is not the strangest part of all. In fact, appearances are far more shocking and Raven is faced with the most frightening of all.

Written by Marv Wolfman with Art by Pop Mhan, Raven Daughter of Darkness shows a Teen Titan outside of her element. She is vulnerable, experiencing emotions she cannot understand and exposed to the human world. The design of Raven’s gear in this comic is modernized and quite befitting a gothic themed super hero. The story can be jolting at times and a bit difficult to follow but all the pieces come together in part one of this twelve part series. I am looking forward to more of these issues and hope that DC Universe does one of my favorite characters the justice she deserves.

This comic is available for purchase at http://www.dccomics.com/comics/raven-daughter-of-darkness-2018/raven-daughter-of-darkness-1

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