The Alienist: Episode 3 Review


 I’m a day behind again, but oh my….this episode, so much tension and goodness. The Alienist continues to be a gripping show in it’s third episode which for me, bodes well for the rest of the limited run. I can generally tell by the third or fourth episode if something will keep my attention. And holy crow does this show have my attention.

This episode opens with a sly poke at what poor Moore has been through and continues to show just how corrupt the police force was back in those days.  The opening scene in the dirty bar is a great springboard for an episode that seems to lean into the corruption and the subsequent power struggles that it creates.  We also get our first look at a very wealthy family that may or may not be the parents of the killer. (I’m leaning towards, may) I could be wrong in my conclusion but then why introduce the family at all, if not for that reason?

Though that could be the other theme of this episode; even more questions! I really want to know more about Mary. More about the not so good doctor’s arm. More about Sarah and Moore and the relationship I really wish wasn’t coming. And speaking on that, I was so proud when Sarah shut down the advance in the carriage. I love a good romance (no seriously, I write it all the time, I love romance) but I really, really don’t see the need here. But the previews of the rest of the season show a kiss, so it appears I will just have to deal with it.

Leaving behind the unneeded relationship, this episode brought us an even longer look at the killer which was pretty well done. And when the notebook dropped, I knew, I just knew that the killer would be the one finding it, so I was glad to have guessed that right.  All in all, this episode pulled me in and held my by the throat (pun, ha!) for the whole hour. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I really am glad that this show is living up tot the hype!


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