‘You Have Killed Me’ Goes Softcover in Time for Valentine’s Day


If noir or gangster films are your thing, You Have Killed Me is going to be a great addition to your graphic novel collection. Written and illustrated by the team behind Dark Horse’s Lady Killer, Jamie Rich and Joelle Jones, this softcover graphic novel tells the story of good dames gone back. When Tony Mercer is approved by the sister of his long lost love, he’s surprised but not concerned. His former lover has run out the weekend before her wedding to a gambling deadbeat who has little more than a title and an inheritance. As Tony starts to investigate closer, he finds out the mystery of what happened goes much deeper than just a bride getting cold feet.

You Have Killed Me is dark and violent, so don’t go into it expecting a happy ending. Thing more along the lines of classic film noir; even if the detective wins the day, it might not be a happy ending. The artwork is black and white, and manages to be both beautifully done and not overly convoluted.

You Have Killed me is available in full February 14, 2018 from Oni Press.


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