‘Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings’ Has Us Laughing About Death


With as many dark and creepy comics as I read, it was time for something a bit lighthearted. Let’s be real, though it had to be the mildly dark Kim Reaper. The story follows Becka and Kim, two students studying at University in the UK. Though Becka is supposed to be studying for her Fine Art finals, she instead is studying a classmate. Kim is the goth girl and object of Becka’s affection. Unfortunately, Kim doesn’t know Becka exists. After following Kim out of class to ask her out, Becka falls into a portal and discovers that Kim is a part-time grim reaper. While the job has its perks, there are also some serious setbacks.

Kim Reaper is at times laugh out loud funny and all kinds of bizarre. For example, one of the first sequences involves fighting a giant cat-obsessed guy who works out constantly and drinks nothing but energy drinks.  There is a sequence that almost involves death by cookie, and more zombies than you can shake a scythe at.

Sarah Graley, the writer and creator of Kim Reaper, has a cutesy art style that helps take away the fear of death and dismay. Her characters have incredibly expressive faces and I love the bizarre touches and the many cats that find their way into the drawings.

Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings is now available from Oni Press.


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