Stone Painting for Kids: a review


 Two girls and a dog, the perfect Sunday outing to look for stones for this project.

 This is the book, Stone Painting for Kids by F. Sehnaz Bac and published by Dover Publications. It may seem like a simple thing, find a stone, paint a design, but my two daughters both enjoyed the pictures in this book, and tried a few of the ideas, to varying degrees of success. Then they, like my daughters always do, forged their own way.

Now, our adventure with this book started out with the finding of stones. And I’m not going to lie when I say, that might have been my daughters’ favorite part.  It included a trip to the creek and still frigid water, but they love that creek and apparently the cold doesn’t bother them anyway.  Then it was back home (to my mother in law’s house) and the washing of the stones. Then, then, finally we got to paint. But here’s the thing, you need a certain level of patience to do this, and well, my kids, that’s not their strong suit.They gave it an honest effort but were quickly bored. My mother in law and I however, we had a pretty good time. (It might be helpful to note that she has a fine arts degree and I have a hard time drawing a stick figure)

We each tried to paint something from the book, and then we got creative. And messy. Really messy. (we used craft paint that is easily washable though, super helpful when working with a five year old)

I took a ton of pictures of what we ended up with (you can certainly tell which ones the fine art major did)

 a fox and a “best mom” (my five year old loves me <3 )

 my lady bug and a heart and hope stone that me and my five year old worked on together

 the fairy mushroom house my mother in law did that has me in awe of the details

 and the sausage and bacon pizza my ten year old made when she got frustrated with the fish she was trying to copy from the book. She found this stone before any others and she knew she had to paint a pizza, I fully believe this is why she struggled with the fish. The pizza had already claimed her creative heart.

So, as for the book, Stone Painting for Kids, my review? Know your kids. If you think they have the patience for this? It’s a great Sunday afternoon craft project! And at only 19.95, not a bad bit of money for an investment of a spring’s worth of art projects!



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