Doctor Who : The Lost Dimension


 Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension is a big comic, and is only the first of a few issues. I opened it and found 130 pages of weirdness, as well as the usual awesomeness.  This is a multi doctor crossover event and don’t let that cover fool you. Along with Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve a few of the oldies show up as well. In different sections throughout the story Two, Three, Four and Five show up to help their newer counterparts in this terrible ordeal that is going on.  And oh yeah, there are other cool people as well. This is basically a who’s who of the companions from the new Who era.

Jack! Osgood! Bill! Rose! Vastra! Jenny! and yeah, that other Jenny. Not Vastra’s Jenny, but Jenny the Doctor’s Daughter!! My jaw kinda dropped. If like me, you always wanted to hear more about her after her measly one episode then this is the comic for you! You get back story and it is lovely. It appears that she is the catalyst for this whole story and she goes in search of dear dad to help. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t end up with the proper dad, but a newer, greyer, grumpier version.

Then from there was vignettes of each of the four doctors and how they were handling the onslaught that will (I’m figuring) eventually bring them all together.  For each of their parts, I found Twelve to be the best written, Eleven to be the worst drawn, Nine to be probably the most close to how I remember him from the show, and sadly, Ten was the most boring part. Though his little arc was where you meet the bad guy, I think. I could be wrong, and well, spoilers, but, I’m guessing that the weird lightning stuff that keeps taking over the people is coming form these guys and they are known to be the worst of the worst (depending on who you ask).

Though I was saddened by how much I didn’t love the Ten arc, and not at all surprised at how badly Eleven looks (he always does, why though?) I still give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars. For the first issue of what looks to be an epic crossover event, I think that is a pretty good start. I’m excited to see how it goes but I will admit this really just makes me want an all Vastra comic or book or show or something!


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