Lord Birthday Shows Us ‘How to Appear Normal at Social Events’


Lord Birthday is the tiny mustachioed-king who is here to help us live our lives. Well, sort of. In the new book of Lord Birthday cartoons, How to Appear Normal at Social Events, readers get a chance to view some illustrated advice. Whether this advice is actually helpful or wise is entirely up to the reader.

My personal favorite was a diagram entitled “Do You Have Anxiety.” While meant as a joke, some of the behaviors have actually occurred among myself and my less social friends. There are also gems such as “8 Ways to Escape a Painful Conversation” and “Romantic Nicknames You Can Call Your Lover.”  If you don’t take things too seriously, this book is laugh out loud funny. Just don’t go looking too deeply for meaning in this one.

Lord Birthday’s How to Appear Normal at Social Events is available March 6, 2018 from Andrews McMeel Publishing.


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